Hämeenlinna-Forssa-Karkkila-Vihti-Nurmijärvi-Riihimäki-Hämeenlinn, Häme Ox Road’s surroundings, 340 km


340 km


The historical cultural landscapes of Häme Ox Road with small villages along the road attract to take a break to enjoy the surroundings. The beautiful ridge landscape in Porras village is completed with lakes surrounding the road on both sides. The old industrial history in Forssa and Karkkila reminds of the working tradition in the past. All of this accompanied with Vihti’s manor culture and close to nature village of Nurmijärvi create unforgettable experiences.

Duration: 4 Days

Hämeenlinna – Jokioinen 87 km
Jokioinen – Karkkila 103 km*
Karkkila – Hyvinkää 82 km
Hyvinkää – Hämeenlinna 68 km

Route description

The Häme Ox Road travels from Hämeenlinna to Tammela lake upland area in mounding terrain. The road is marked with brown-white ox head signs. Charming village street in Renko represents the traditional Häme region’s village milieu with its compact rows of houses. After Nummenkylä the route follows the old Häme Ox Road. One of the day’s highlights is the section from Porras through Tammela all the way to Forssa. After Porras village the route passes a beautiful isthmus where you can visit The Folk Park of Saari with its beaches and sight towers. A really worthwhile place to enjoy a nice break by the lake.

The Beautifully renovated factory area and the surrounding Yhtiönpuisto park is a trule green oasis in the middle of the town. After Forssa the route passes through beautiful mires in Torronsuo National Park before heading towards the forests and lakes of Liesjärvi National Park. Liesjärvi National park is known from its dense forests, berries and the beautiful Kyynäränharju ridge separating Lake Kyynärä and Lake Liesjärvi.

Route to Karkkila passes through hilly terrain by several small lakes. The small town of Karkkila offers sights such as the old buildings and historical suorroundings in Högfors ironworks area. Nowadays there is a new iron factory continuing the old industrial traditions. Next stop is Vihti village, situated in the varying terrain of Lohjanharju ridge. Here the forests are dominated by deciduous trees and greenness surrounds the whole area. Vihti is known from several manors. The most significant of them being the Olkkala Manor.

Rocky hills, sandy terrain and flourishing vegetation attract to visit and spend time in nearby Nuuksio National Park. You can cycle through the park, but we recommend at least a small hike to explore the beautiful area. There are several accommodation choices and certainly a lot to do even if you spend a longer time here. After leaving the beautiful Nuuksio behind, it’s time to head towards the towns of Nurmijärvi and Hyvinkää.

In Hyvinkää you can get familiar with Villatehdas and the Finnish Railway Museum before continuing towards Riihimäki. There is a cycle track all the way to Riihimäki passing nice countryside and forest landscapes. In Riihimäki there are the Finnish glass museum as well as the Hunting Museum of Finland.

Route continues towards Tervakoski passing by fields, farms, and some inhabited areas. Tervakoski’s historical industrial milieu is worth seeing. After Tervakoski there are rivers surrounding the way to Janakkala with its landmark, St. Lawrence Church. Crofter’s Museum of Laurinmäki and Hakoinen cultural landscape are also worth a look. Forests and fields follow each other when continuing towards Hämeenlinna, whereSibelius’ birth placeHäme Castle and Aulanko Nature Reserve offer interesting sights for a visit. The Easiest way back to Helsinki is to take a train.

Good to know

Route is best suited for active cyclists. Day trips are realtively long and terrain is varying. Route travels mostly on paved roads, but there are some gravel road sections also. There are few services available between Somero and Karkkila.

To start the trail

Route description starts from Hämeenlinna, but optionally you can start the tour from Forssa or Vihti and cycle the Ox Road the opposite way than described here. Public transportation can be used to divide the route into smaller sections. If you start from Helsinki area, you can connect to the route at Vihti or Nurmijärvi.