Nikola Tesla Allows People of Croatia Combat Coronavirus

Eco Medical Europe Assists People of Croatia Combat Coronavirus with Unique Inhaling Mixtures Originally Suggested by Renowned Engineer Scientist Nikola Tesla

Based on sound medical science, Eco Medical Europe breathing mixtures have recently been proven to help facilitate the course of Coronavirus.

Zagreb, Croatia – Eco Medical Europe is pleased to mention the launch of the production of unique breathing mixtures designed to strengthen the immune system, boost the body’s capacity malware, coronaviruses, and bacteria. Inside cases of infection, the product facilitates the course regarding the disease and reduces the length of the recovery time. Designed for everyday home use, this contains only natural ingredients.

The principle associated with these unique breathing blends is based on highly concentrated oxygen, natural vital oils, and sea nutrients.
According to Anna Alferova, director of Eco Healthcare Europe, Anna’s great-grandfather, whose father was acquaintance associated with Nikola Tesla, originally advised this idea.
In the last century, Nikola Tesla advised her great-great-grandfather, F. Jungblut, about the unique helpful properties of concentrated air for humans. F. Jungblut promised Tesla to create it accessible to all people, but the technology of that time do not allow for that. After 130 years, his great-great-granddaughter launched production within the homeland of Tesla, in honor of the particular memory of her along with the great scientist.

Despite the truth that breathing mixtures are certainly not medicine, their effectiveness was the subject of research simply by Dr. E. Shorikov, mentor of medical sciences, and by other doctors who verified the benefits of Tesla’s Secret products and recommend applying them to combat viruses, coronaviruses, and bacteria, plus also to enhance immunity and wellbeing.
The many effective breathing mixtures to be able to fight viruses is called Tesla’s Secret Immunity, using the next main components: no less than 98% oxygen, purified from damaging impurities that are present in the air, natural vital oil of chamomile in addition to minerals.

Thanks a lot to the disinfecting qualities of chamomile, inflammatory procedures in the body are usually slowed down, in mild forms, pathogenic bacteria are suppressed, swelling is removed, and the immune system is stimulated. By inhaling and exhaling sea minerals, the breathing improves. In combination with oxygen, this has a beneficial impact on regenerative processes in the particular body, oxygen saturation associated with the body increases, wellbeing improves, and more strength appears.

It is strongly recommended to take three to five breaths a couple of times a day. The hypoallergenic mixture is suitable for all people from the associated with seven and above, other than in rare cases wherever oxygen therapy of any kind is contraindicated or even prohibited from the physician. This is not a medication and does not substitute medical procedures, simply for pastime purposes.

Every Tesla’s Secret Immunity respiratory system medicine is packaged in a airtight container under pressure with an “eco” cardboard box that may be pleasant to the particular touch and equipped with a great individual breathing mask. Made for 30 inhalations, the product does not contain chemical additives in addition to only natural ingredients.

The product is manufactured in Croatia. Sales are organized by ordering from the website . The company is currently in the method of negotiating with pharmacies and shops.

“Ask about Tesla’s Secret in pharmacies and shops in Croatia around your home, ” states a company representative. “If they cannot have the products in stock, or they will have not heard of it, show them this content or leave a telephone number for quick get in touch with with our supply manager: 385 18000104. ”

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Tesla’s Secret manufacturing business press service comments:

“Oxygen for a person is not simply necessary for human life, nevertheless also a guarantee of health and wellbeing. The shortage of oxygen always feels very acute: breathing will be difficult, you would like to sleep, fatigue appears… In the modern situation together with Coronavirus, it is necessary to help the particular body, give it extra energy and strength, particularly for people who, due in order to natural causes, have weakened cardiorespiratory functions of the body. We hope the centuries-old experience of managing individuals with natural herbs and essential oils based about them, in combination together with the guidelines of oxygen treatment, we have integrated in Tesla’s Secret products will aid a large number associated with people to stay healthy or even contribute to their speedy recovery in the current difficult situation in the world. “

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