Cycling Regional routes

Regional routes display the regions most appealing sights and nature.

Regional routes

Hämeenlinna-Forssa-Karkkila-Vihti-Nurmijärvi-Riihimäki-Hämeenlinn, Häme Ox Road’s surroundings, 340 km

The historical cultural landscapes of Häme Ox Road with small villages along the road attract to take a break to enjoy these marvellous surroundings.

Hämeenlinna-Valkeakoski-Hauho-Lammi-Hämeenlinna, Häme tour of culture and history, 194 km

Experience the best parts of Häme region’s history and culture along this idyllic countryside route.

Helsinki-Hämeenlinna, Culture from Helsinki to Hämeenlinna, 131 km

This route takes you north of Helsinki through blooming fields, green forests and interesting cultural sights.

Helsinki-Isnäs-Porvoo-Loviisa-Ruotsinpyhtää-Kotka, King’s Road to Kotka, 178 km

Eastern King’s road leads from Helsinki to Kotka along the coastline through historical and charming small towns and villages.

Helsinki-Kirkkonummi-Inkoo-Tammisaari-Hanko, King’s Road to Hanko, 163 km

Route guides you towards Hanko along the old King’s Road with several charming locations along the route.

Helsinki-Nuuksio-Nurmijärvi-Helsinki, Central Uusimaa tour, 137km

The diverse nature of Uusimaa displays itself after leaving the city area. Green forests and mounding terrain make up for a great setting for a bicycle tour.

Helsinki-Porvoo-Loviisa-Lapinjärvi-Pukkila-Sipoo-Helsinki, Eastern Uusimaa tour, 259 km

The unique mood of the small towns by the sea accompanied with beautiful countryside and historical sights attract people to enjoy this beautiful route.

Helsinki-Siuntio-Pohja-Hanko-Tammisaari-Inkoo-Kirkkonummi-Helsink, Western Uusimaa tour, 352 km

Western Uusimaa tour introduces the area’s vibrant towns, culture, interesting history  and beautiful countryside.

Helsinki–Nurmijärvi–Hyvinkää–Tuusula–Helsinki, Culture and nature in central Uusimaa, 145km

Fertile fields, green forests, glimmering lakes and several attractive cultural sights create a spectacular surroundings for a bicycle tour.

Kouvola-Horppu-Verla-Iitti kk-Elimäki-Kouvola, Kouvola tour, 223 km

Kouvola tour takes you to beautiful historical and natural landscapes in Kouvola region.

Kymi River valley route, 71 km

The beautiful route winds in the Valley of the great Kymi River with beautiful nature and historical industrial areas.

Lahti-Hollola-Vääksy-Lahti, Vesijärvi tour, 85 km

Vesijärvi tour offers beautiful varying surroundings from Lahti harbour to Vääksy canal and beautiful countryside.

Lappeenranta-Taipalsaari-Savitaipale-Suomenniemi-Luumäki-Lemi-Lappeenranta, Western Saimaa Tour, 182 km

Western Saimaa tour introduces the beautiful lake regions as well as cultural landscapes and destinations.

Lohjanjärvi tour, 182 km

Area is full of old ironworks, stone churches, castles and lively villages. The beautiful nature and cultural sites highlight this tour.

Mustijoki valley cycling

Mustijoki river flowing from Mäntsälä to the sea offers a variable cycling route in a beautiful and quiet environment.

Saimaan island tour, 157/170 km

Saimaa island tour follows the beautiful shores of Lake Saimaa with magnificent views and good services along the way.