Welcome to cycle in Finland!

Bicycle touring in Finland takes you to beautiful lakes and forest areas, lovely rural regions and lively towns. Best time for cycle tour is from may to September. In spring time you can experience the nature waking up after a long winter and enjoy the lovely spring colors and scents. In summer time the small rural villages and picturesque small towns are full of life, when Finnish spent their summer out of cities. Autumn time offers spectacular colors along the way, when trees turn their leafs from green to various colors before dropping them to get ready to face the long winter ahead.

Enjoy strawberries from market place and spend a night in a cozy rural accommodation in the countryside while enjoying the beautiful diverse nature in Finland. That’s bicycle touring at it’s best!

Regional, National and Eurovelo -routes

National routes take you from major cities to another or along the great waters of Finland. Regional routes are often shorter round trips within a certain region. Eurovelo routes belong to European wide Eurovelo cycle tour network.